Poem: Wyld Woman

I wrote this the evening that I returned home from four days living out on Dartmoor and had emerged from my bath. Every time I come back to ‘the real world’ after spending days out in the wilds I always lament the loss of the smell of woodsmoke from my hair and clothes and the fact that my feet are shoe bound and not able to tread on grass. This poem is an ode to that feeling and a plea to the Goddess to help me stay a wild woman, even in my flat in the midst of a city.

Wyld Woman

As I wash the woodsmoke from my hair,

prising the soil from beneath my nails.

Oh Goddess, let me stay wild!

As the scent of the land leaves the grain of my skin

and the soles of my feet become soft again,

Oh Goddess, let me stay wild!

As the warmth of the sun on my skin in the field

is replaced by the glare of a 60 watt bulb

Oh Goddess, let me stay wild!

As I pull on my 8 holed Doc Martens

and stride out into the urban jungle

Oh Goddess, let me stay wild!

As the songs of the hearth are replaced by Pirate FM

and the drums cease to beat.

Oh Goddess, let me stay wild!

Oh Goddess, let me stay wild!


Published by Seawyld

My name is Lizzie, the nature connection guide who runs Seawyld. Seawyld is the culmination of over ten years of my learning and working alongside nature. It is a space to rekindle connection with nature and find well being in wyld spaces. I offer tools, experiences and creative resources to support your connection to the natural world and to your inner nature. I am here to walk alongside you as a guide for your unique nature connection journey.

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