Creativity Inspired by Nature

I am drawn to nature for inspiration for my art, poetry, fiction writing and music. From waking up from a nap in the roots of a beech tree with new song lyrics in my head to the beauty of the living reef on an old shipwreck. Nature has been the inspiration for creative souls since the first cave paintings, what inspires you in nature?

If the Mud Maid from The Lost Gardens of Heligan had emerged from the seabed.

Published by seawyld

Nature lover, wanderer & noise maker. Hello, I'm Lizzie! I live in a city by the sea and a stones throw away from beautiful Dartmoor National Park. If I had my way I would always be wandering on the land, on the shore and in the sea but alas life gets in the way! This blog is an outlet for the creativity I find in nature in words, pictures and art. I hope you enjoy what you find here, Love, light & happiness, Lizzie

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