Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

This coming week is the Mental Health Foundation’s ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and ‘nature’ has been chosen as their theme for 2021.

An incredible body of research is growing around the benefits of nature on mental health, wellbeing and physical health. Don’t you feel the lift in your spirits when you feel the sun on your skin? A sense of calm when you hear the waves crashing against the shore? The hairs in your nose dance with delight when you smell the wet earth after sweet summer rain? In my personal experiences with mental ill health, nature has been a wonderful healer and teacher.

By seeking out nature in times of crisis I feel grounded, connected to the wider cycles of life and I find myself slipping into a happier, lighter state of being. Many deep, profound moments of healing or transformation in my life have occurred out in nature and deeply inspired my path of ecotherapy training so that I can support these experiences for others.

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 I will offer a prompt everyday that will help you to explore your connection to nature. Feel free to join in as often as you feel called to, to share your experiences if you choose and to observe how nature connection plays a role in the mental wellbeing of yourselves, your loved ones and our wider global community. I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram (@sea.wyld) daily throughout the week with the prompt for that day. If you would like to share your experiences I would love it if you could like, share and use #Seawyld to spread the challenge further.

I cannot wait to see what unfolds this week!

Stay wyld!

Lizzie 🙂…/mental-health…

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