The SeaWyld Manifesto

I wish for all the projects and energies of SeaWyld have the power to:

Rekindle human connection with the natural world.

Promote sustainability, conservation and stewardship for local and global wild spaces

Use nature connection as a tool to improve mental health, well being and resilience.

Combine art, music and the outdoors as channels for reconnecting to self, others and the natural world.

Published by Seawyld

My name is Lizzie, the nature connection guide who runs Seawyld. Seawyld is the culmination of over ten years of my learning and working alongside nature. It is a space to rekindle connection with nature and find well being in wyld spaces. I offer tools, experiences and creative resources to support your connection to the natural world and to your inner nature. I am here to walk alongside you as a guide for your unique nature connection journey.

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