In the Arms of the Evergreen (Poem)

Today I found a beautiful evergreen tree, curled up onto one of it’s branches and listened to the rain, this poem came to me. I hope that you enjoy this love letter to the wise watchers, those trees that just make you gape in awe at their timelessness. Here is a recording from the branches of my tree muse, the text and below that the story of how it came to be. Enjoy!

In the embrace of your boughs

I feel the smallness of a young child

in awe at the lines on an elders face.

Touching them with questioning fingers,

knowing that you have witnessed time’s slow march

and survived it.

The reassuring sway of your leaves,

whispering words of comfort to my questioning soul.

Sheltering me from the rain,

creating a caccoon of comfort against the unpredictable elements,

as I unburden myself of my troubles.

The strength of your branches to hold not just my fragile frame

but the weight of the world that has heaped onto my shoulders.

It fills me with wonder,

the weightless feeling of being held in the arms

of a wise being, a watcher

without judgement.

The timelessness of your holding

and the grace in which you stand

makes me wonder how many other


wandering souls

you have witnessed and held in your time here on this Earth.

Creativity Inspired by Nature

I am drawn to nature for inspiration for my art, poetry, fiction writing and music. From waking up from a nap in the roots of a beech tree with new song lyrics in my head to the beauty of the living reef on an old shipwreck. Nature has been the inspiration for creative souls since the first cave paintings, what inspires you in nature?

If the Mud Maid from The Lost Gardens of Heligan had emerged from the seabed.