Poem: Ebb & Flow

Written after a snorkelling expedition off Plymouth Hoe where I discovered a beautiful little nook where some tiny Pollack fry were floating in a bed of lush, green algae! It was so beautiful and so peaceful to just float and observe this tiny microcosm of life! Being underwater is such a nourishing and connecting space for me to just lose myself in the wonders and magnitude of life.

Ebb & Flow

I let the ebb and flow,

the ebb and flow

carry me, carry me to and fro

as I watch the tiny fish fry move as I do

with the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow.

The vibrant green of the algae

swaying with the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow

and all the treasures which lie beneath my beating feet

drifting with the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow.

From the sunlit zone above

to the depths of the deep below,

we all dance with the ebb and flow,

the ebb and flow.

Creativity Inspired by Nature

I am drawn to nature for inspiration for my art, poetry, fiction writing and music. From waking up from a nap in the roots of a beech tree with new song lyrics in my head to the beauty of the living reef on an old shipwreck. Nature has been the inspiration for creative souls since the first cave paintings, what inspires you in nature?

If the Mud Maid from The Lost Gardens of Heligan had emerged from the seabed.