EcoNIDRA™ is a blend of traditional Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and nature connection practices. You will be guided through a triple journey through your senses, your body and connect to the Earth through lovingly curated soundscapes.

My EcoNIDRA™ sessions last around 50 minutes and are held on Google Meet, times will be displayed in my native UK time (GMT/BST).

I will gently guide you through a sense journey, a body scan and a nature soundscape. There are also invitations to set intentions and encouragements to perform a random act of kindness. I adore leading these sessions and can’t wait to share them with you.

All attendees will be able to access a recording of the session to enjoy at their leisure and it will be emailed to the address associated with your booking. So even if you can’t attend live then you can still enjoy the meditation at a time which suits you best!

Ticket Information:

Tickets for my sessions are based on a tiered system (£10-Free) designed to make my offerings as accessible to as many wyld ones as possible.

Information about ticket prices can be found on the ‘My Offerings‘ page.

The money received for these sessions supports my work as an independent nature connection guide and enables me to offer tickets at a reduced or free rate.

EcoNIDRA™ sessions can support:
  • Reducing stress
  • Promoting mental, emotional and physical relaxation.
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Enhancing sense of connection to self, others and nature.
  • Strengthen mindfulness
  • Sowing seeds of intention
  • Deepening connection to your body
  • Promoting kindness to yourself, your communities and the natural world


Here is what some of my participants have shared about their experiences:

“This event rejuvenated my spirit and brought me back to nature sounds I hadn’t connected with since I was a child, along with immersing me in new sounds.  Lizzie creates a timeless, soothing space to meditate.  I will definitely be returning for more.” –Sarah from ‘Hello From The Cocoon’ 

“Yesterday I had the most wonderful experience. I had an EcoNDIRA session with Lizzie. I have just had some surgery and new medication that has left me tired and having difficulty with sleeping. The session with Lizzie was great relaxing therapy that helped me forget my issues and concentrate on the better things that life has to offer. Last night I also had the best nights sleep in ages. Thank-you Lizzie. “Jon, UK

Today I experienced a deeply nourishing and relaxing remote session of EcoNIDRA, guided by Lizzie Elliot of SeaWyld. It was mid-day for me and though I have experienced EcoNIDRA previously, I was surprised at how quickly I dropped into a very deep state between sleep and waking. Lizzie’s slow pacing and vocal technique was incredibly relaxing and she had a natural gift in taking her participants into the sensory world of nature through beautiful guided imagery.

I especially loved the images from the sea. I loved how the triple journey she guided flowed with such ease and how at times I was present but at the same time able to leave my mental mind and rest deeply in my body. The nature soundscapes transported me to another world. I have been going through much stress with my elderly father starting Hospice and this session of EcoNIDRA with Lizzie was much needed healing medicine from nature. Thank you so much Lizzie, for helping me calm my nervous system and leave my stressful thoughts through your inspired facilitation. – Sari Telpner, Ashland, Oregon, USA

Taking part in EcoNidra with Lizzie Seawyld was a truly beautiful and nourishing experience. I felt so relaxed, which doesn’t happen often  and really connected with my inner self, my body and also nature as a whole. I highly recommend trying one of Lizzie’s EcoNidra sessions. She works hard to make it inclusive and accessible to all – why not give it a go?” – Laura Jane, UK.