Forest School

I am a fully trained Forest School leader with over five years of experience delivering sessions for toddlers and children (and the occasional adult!) with organisations across the South West.

My sessions build on my passions and skills in deep nature connection, crafts, ecology, cooking, tool work and music. To support my work I have up to date DBS , first aid certifications (paediatric and outdoor specialities) and public liability insurance.

“And without introducing children to the interconnectedness of life, the gushy, gross wonder of the roiling, seething, slimy, dirty aliveness of nature, how will they love it and how will they protect it?” – Losing Eden, Why Our Minds Need the Wild – Lucy Jones.

My happiest childhood memories involved head-to-toe mud, splashing in rivers, losing wellies in swampy spots and the smell of the woods. The desire to share these experiences of nature connection and the benefits of muddy outdoor play with young and old is the driving force behind my Forest School approach.

In a time where so many of us, particularly children, are losing touch with nature and spending more time indoors Forest School is a wonderful tool to help us reconnect, refocus and learn about living in harmony with nature, others and ourselves.

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