Moon Magic

Do you Feel the Call of the Moon?

The moon has been watched for thousands of years by cultures around the world. It has been used to mark cycles and looked to as a source of wisdom from our earliest days as a species.

I believe that awareness of natural cycles, such as the lunar cycle, can help us feel closer to nature and also to understand our own inner cycles.

For me, working with the lunar cycles has bought a meaning and rhythm to my life that makes more sense than a man-made calendar month. I wonder what wisdom Grandmother Moon has for you?

Join me and other Wyld folks in circle to celebrate the energies of the lunar cycle through meditation, journaling, setting intentions and music.

Moon Magic Circles are held on the New and Full moon every month.

They are around 45 minutes long session in a small group (max 10 participants) where we share:

  • A grounding meditation
  • Information about the moon phase, signs and energies
  • Journal prompts & sharing if you wish
  • Intention Setting
  • Integration through singing & drumming
  • Closing

Everything will be invitational (you don’t have to have your mic on when you sing!) and you can take what nurtures you and leave the rest.

Ticket Information:

Tickets for my sessions are based on a tiered system (£10-Free) designed to make my offerings as accessible to as many wyld ones as possible.

Information about ticket prices can be found on the ‘My Offerings‘ page.

The money received for these sessions supports my work as an independent nature connection guide and enables me to offer tickets at a reduced or free rate.


I thoroughly enjoyed the first New Moon Magic session. Didn’t quite know what to expect, but curiosity got the better of me and I’m glad it did.

Over the past months I have come to trust Lizzie’s thoughtfully prepared workshops and guided sessions. I love the welcoming, relaxed and gentle atmosphere.

I particularly enjoy the grounding meditation at the beginning of the session. It really helps me to leave the day behind and enter this reflective space.”

“The New Moon journalling prompts deeply resonated with me. They were all related to setting intentions, putting down on paper what I want to prioritise in the weeks to come.

The session was informative and I can’t wait for the Full Moon follow up. I think these sessions can provide both an opportunity for mindful intention setting and an accountability tool for me. Taking the time to commit my intentions to paper does make a difference.

I will definitely be back and make this a regular ‘checking in with myself’ appointment.” – Britta, UK