Wyld Words- Rockpools

Hello Wyld Souls,

For the last few months I have been running an online nature-based poetry circle called Wyld Words. For each session we write individually and as a group based on a nature being or ecosystem, it has been a magical journey so far as we voyaged through moss and rockpools. Some beautiful poems have been birthed and a creative community is growing in this contaner!

Here is my individual poem from the session themed on ‘Rockpools’, the prompt was

Rockpools are challenging and changing environments, imagine yourself gazing into a rockpool and write about what arises for you as you feel into the energy of these spaces.’


I know that the tides will change,

that I may soon be exposed to the elements.

To the pressures and forces that I cannot control.

I can only weather them and await for the coolness and calm to return.

Yet, how do I survive it?

Do I hunker down inot the rocks like a limpet in their homescar or do I hide away in the crevices of the edges of my mind? Like a blenny in the rocks.

Perhaps I could draw myself inwards, tentacles tucked until I am inconspicuous, invisible and hoping that the sun will spare this worrisome wallflower.

These cycles of harshness and softness,

coolness and heat,

abundance and scarcity

repeat like clockwork through the days of my life.

I know in my bones that I can weather them,

I have done so many times before.

Yet every time the stresses return and I am in survival mode.

I wish to be as tenacious as a starfish,

resourceful as a hermit crab.

adaptable as all of the lifeforms in this mesocosm at my feet.

I dip my toes into the rockpool waters,

as if to absorb it’s wisdom into my skin.

The water levels rise, tide is coming in –

coolness and calmness return for now filling the rockpools of doubt within.

I watch, waiting for the tide to ebb again.

I can weather this,

I know it.

I trust my sea-salted heart I can.

– Elizabeth Elliot-Klein

The next meeting of the Wyld Words Poetry Circle will be held online on the 14th of May (19:00 -20:30 GMT) and you can book your place here. It will be all about ‘Birds’!

Guided Nature Meditation Demo

After an empowering, meditative experience in a river on Bodmin Moor I felt moved to try my hand at writing a guided meditation based on those moments.

Afterwards I sat on the banks of the river and read through the scrawls in my notebook to create this offering.

This is something very new and different for me , so I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism to help me improve! Too long? Too short? Tone of voice needing tweaking?

Let me know in the comments or in a PM. Is this something which would call to you as a regular offering? What settings do you find meditative in nature?

I hope that this gift finds you well and leaves you feeling peaceful


A Weed’s Farewell

For those who dwell where they are not appreciated. May you find your place to bloom.

Bolted, like a plant too eager to bloom

Now stretched out, gone to seed and

Full of the bitterness of pressure

And changeable weather.

Hack me back to my roots

Take the seeds of potential

Which I have quietly nurtured

And spread them far from here.

Where the water is plentiful

And the seasons mild

Where I can turn my face to the sun

And dance in the rain.

In your eyes I have been but a troublesome weed

Yet when you watch me bloom and unfurl

I guarantee that you will see what I have

Always known, 

in my roots,

in my quiet wisdom

I am a radiant, strong and passionate flower.

Photo by Hamandra & Ektoplazma on Pexels.com

Poem: Ebb & Flow

Written after a snorkelling expedition off Plymouth Hoe where I discovered a beautiful little nook where some tiny Pollack fry were floating in a bed of lush, green algae! It was so beautiful and so peaceful to just float and observe this tiny microcosm of life! Being underwater is such a nourishing and connecting space for me to just lose myself in the wonders and magnitude of life.

Ebb & Flow

I let the ebb and flow,

the ebb and flow

carry me, carry me to and fro

as I watch the tiny fish fry move as I do

with the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow.

The vibrant green of the algae

swaying with the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow

and all the treasures which lie beneath my beating feet

drifting with the ebb and flow

the ebb and flow.

From the sunlit zone above

to the depths of the deep below,

we all dance with the ebb and flow,

the ebb and flow.

Poem: Elder

This poem arose from an experience I had at This Earth Gathering, 2018. We were gathered around the fire, cloaked in darkness and sharing songs we had learned on our travels. A wonderful, wise elder shared a song about witches and danced around the fire as she led us drumming and singing ancient words. I wonder how many other elders have passed on their songs and wisdom around campfires through the ages? I will never forget the fierce, wild, gracefulness of that dancing, elder woman.

For all of the wonderful, witchy, wise elders I have met on my travels.


Firelight creates canyons in the wise lines of your face as you dance around the hearth singing long forgotten songs of our sisters long since passed.

Every time I see you, my mind races to a woodland clearing and you, dear crone, are there. Grandmother tree. Elder.

With your deeply lined bark and your time battled stance. Timeless, time worn, time perfected.

But then I am back at the fireside, lost in the beauty of your dance.


Photo by Yogendra Singh on Pexels.com