Wyld Words- Rockpools

Hello Wyld Souls, For the last few months I have been running an online nature-based poetry circle called Wyld Words. For each session we write individually and as a group based on a nature being or ecosystem, it has been a magical journey so far as we voyaged through moss and rockpools. Some beautiful poemsContinue reading “Wyld Words- Rockpools”

Wild Woman of the Trees

Another tree inspired poem. This poem was birthed at the first meeting of the Red Writing Circle, an outdoor poetry circle for folk who identify as women. This project is being run with the lovely Poppy Jones – a fabulous poet and champion for women’s voices in poetry. The prompt was to find a spaceContinue reading “Wild Woman of the Trees”

In the Arms of the Evergreen (Poem)

Today I found a beautiful evergreen tree, curled up onto one of it’s branches and listened to the rain, this poem came to me. I hope that you enjoy this love letter to the wise watchers, those trees that just make you gape in awe at their timelessness. Here is a recording from the branchesContinue reading “In the Arms of the Evergreen (Poem)”

Poem: Ebb & Flow

Written after a snorkelling expedition off Plymouth Hoe where I discovered a beautiful little nook where some tiny Pollack fry were floating in a bed of lush, green algae! It was so beautiful and so peaceful to just float and observe this tiny microcosm of life! Being underwater is such a nourishing and connecting spaceContinue reading “Poem: Ebb & Flow”

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – Thank you!

Hello there wyldings, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, engagement and warm words that arose from my offering for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. For me, so many poignant moments of healing and growth took place outside, surrounded by life and the elements that I feltContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – Thank you!”