“Lizzie is a fantastically interested, enthusiastic and caring individual. I have worked with her a lot over the past year where she has assisted and led Forest School sessions for me. Her input and support knows no bounds and I cannot rate her highly enough. Please check out what she is doing now!”

Heather Langton
Owner, Flint & Steel Forest School

“The children enjoyed a marvellous selection of outdoor Forest school and indoor musical activities with you. You focused on the children’s personal development and developing life skills through self-discovery and problem solving whilst helping to increase their self-confidence and independence, communication skills and social interaction.

You displayed many skills and strengths such as: knowledge of your subject, clear prior planning, good timekeeping, working as a team, motivation, positive and enthusiastic engagement with the children and overall your general concern for these vulnerable young people.

Thank you once again for the help you provided in allowing these children to have such a fantastic experience with you”

Rona Smith & Lisa Hartley
Plymouth Excellence Cluster

“I work within a project called ReMEDIES, which aims to protect seabed habitats and restore seagrass beds. As part of this project we run webinars and, when planning a particular webinar, Lizzie and her interests sprung to mind. I asked her to contribute to an episode about seabed animals – Seahorses, sharks, slugs and snails. While I knew the sharks and seahorses would appear interesting to most people, I knew it would take a special person to bring the little things to life and Lizzie did just that.

Her passion for the invertebrates, the little things and the often overlooked, shines through in her delivery. She showed the audience how to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the life we find hidden away in these amazing habitats, and how the little things can be just as interesting, if not more so, than the big things. Thank you Lizzie, you are a fantastic presenter!

Loveday Trinick
ReMEDIES Project Education Officer

“Children are little sponge and Lizzie has certainly helped me equip the children I took to her sessions with a life-long love and respect for the living world and the environment from an early age”.

Anne Riggs
Childminder, attendee of Ocean Todds