About SeaWyld

Who am I?

My name is Lizzie, a soul of the woods and the waves.

I am a nature connection guide, EcoNIDRA teacher, poet, artist and outdoor practitioner living in the South-West of England. My work takes place in person in the U.K and online with people from around the world.

I have been enchanted by nature from a young age and fell in love with the living world – from the heights of the oak trees to the depths of the Ocean.

For me, nature is an inspiration, a teacher and a healer.

Throughout my life I have been drawn to the natural world for creative inspiration when I have felt drained, for wisdom when I have felt lost and for comfort when the pressure of modern, fast-paced living overwhelms me.

For the last 10 years I have gathered experience in environmental education, conservation, well-being and working as an advocate for nature.

I am passionate about providing opportunities for people to deepen their connection to nature and to live slower, more mindful lives. As a trained Natural Mindfulness Guide I offer online and in person experiences to support you on your unique journey.

My Learning Journey

Foundation Certificate in Counselling (Level 3) – Heartwood Counselling & Psychotherapy, April 2021 – March 2022.

Threshold Course in Ecopsychology & Nature Based PracticeNatural Academy, August 2021.

Forest School Leader (OCN Level 3) – Newquay Forest School, 2017 – 2018.

EcoNIDRA™ Practioner TrainingEcoNIDRA, October 2021 – January 2022.

Nature Connectedness: For A New Relationship with NatureUniversity of Derby , June 2021.

Environmental Consultancy – (MSc dist.) – University of Plymouth, 2014 – 2015.

Natural Mindfulness GuideNatural Mindfulness, September 2021.

Mental Health First Aid & Mental Health Advocacy In the Workplace (CACHE Level 2) – Learning Curve Group, May 2021

Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology (BSc hons) – University of Plymouth, 2011-2014.

What is SeaWyld?

Founded in July 2021, Seawyld is the culmination of over ten years of my learning and working alongside nature.

It is a space to rekindle connection with nature and find well being in wyld spaces.

SeaWyld offers tools, experiences and creative ideas to support your connection to the natural world and to your inner nature.

Nature connection should be accessible, so I aim to remove barriers to access where possible. There will always be tiered ticket systems and some free spaces for sessions. I am always open to ways that I can make my offerings more accessible – please let me know if you have any suggestions.