A Weed’s Farewell

For those who dwell where they are not appreciated. May you find your place to bloom.

Bolted, like a plant too eager to bloom

Now stretched out, gone to seed and

Full of the bitterness of pressure

And changeable weather.

Hack me back to my roots

Take the seeds of potential

Which I have quietly nurtured

And spread them far from here.

Where the water is plentiful

And the seasons mild

Where I can turn my face to the sun

And dance in the rain.

In your eyes I have been but a troublesome weed

Yet when you watch me bloom and unfurl

I guarantee that you will see what I have

Always known, 

in my roots,

in my quiet wisdom

I am a radiant, strong and passionate flower.

Photo by Hamandra & Ektoplazma on Pexels.com

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