Guided Nature Meditation Demo

After an empowering, meditative experience in a river on Bodmin Moor I felt moved to try my hand at writing a guided meditation based on those moments.

Afterwards I sat on the banks of the river and read through the scrawls in my notebook to create this offering.

This is something very new and different for me , so I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism to help me improve! Too long? Too short? Tone of voice needing tweaking?

Let me know in the comments or in a PM. Is this something which would call to you as a regular offering? What settings do you find meditative in nature?

I hope that this gift finds you well and leaves you feeling peaceful


Published by seawyld

Nature lover, wanderer & noise maker. Hello, I'm Lizzie! I live in a city by the sea and a stones throw away from beautiful Dartmoor National Park. If I had my way I would always be wandering on the land, on the shore and in the sea but alas life gets in the way! This blog is an outlet for the creativity I find in nature in words, pictures and art. I hope you enjoy what you find here, Love, light & happiness, Lizzie

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